Straightening a beard

Facial hair may be coarser than the hair on your head, but with a little care you can still straighten your whiskers with some serum and the right bits of kit. Steer clear of your significant other's standard straighteners; they're too big and cumbersome for the job. Invest in some miniature detail hair straighteners with a 1cm-wide plate and you'll have sleek, fashionable face furniture in no time.


GQ Magazine recommends treating your beard the same as the hair on your head, so shampoo, conditioner and a basic styling kit are your friends for the task in hand. Straightening serum for frizzy hair, a fine comb, hairdryer and detail or fringe hair straighteners round off the list of must have items for super sleek whiskers.


Shampoo and condition your beard for the best results when styling. Lightly towel dry your beard and apply a very small dab of straightening serum to your fingers and rub it through the length of the hair, concentrating on the ends.


Using a hot but not the highest setting on your hairdryer, and from a distance of about 20cm, blow dry your beard from above, combing the hair downward as you dry. This should iron out most of the kinks and curls, but if you want a totally polished look, divide your beard into three or four sections and straighten each one with detail straighteners. Run the comb through each section ahead of the straighteners to keep it tangle-free and easier to style. Finish with a very small amount of styling wax to seal the style.


Using hair straighteners safely and effectively takes practice. If you're a novice, ask a friend to do the deed for you and talk you through the procedure until you're confident enough to go solo.


Most hair straighteners reach 230 degrees Celsius so be be extremely careful when using them on your beard to avoid burning your face or neck. Don't attempt to straighten a beard that is shorter than the width of the plates on your straighteners.

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