Creative ways to hide an ugly radiator cover

Radiators can be ugly design issues in any home, but the solutions for covering them up and turning them into stunning interior design features do exist. The only essential thing to bear in mind is to avoid doing anything which could perhaps end up being a potential fire hazard. Other than that, the sky is the limit.


One of the simplest, cheapest and quickest ways to hide an ugly radiator cover is to make it blend into the background. This can be achieved by painting the radiator in the exact same shade of paint as the wall behind it. This simple trick works best when the paint is a dark tone, but the idea is the same even if you decide to paint everything white. When choosing to deal with the issue with paint, invest in top quality paint which will stand the test of time and cover all areas with a really good finish.


It’s a good idea to use flowing fabric or drapes to cover up ugly radiators, but only when the radiator is not in use. Otherwise what starts as a creative home design idea fast becomes a fire hazard. Fabric can be hung from the ceiling to the floor and be used to completely cover the radiator or it can be draped over the radiator itself. The great thing about using fabric is the range available. Colours and material ideas are endless. Some rooms benefit from using heavy velvet and others from incorporating light chiffon. Take the design of the room into account and have fun finding a solution which adds something special to the space.

Deliberately draw attention

If a radiator or a radiator cover happens to be particularly big and ugly, try a little reverse psychology and deliberately make a feature out of this area of the room. Drawing attention to a radiator and turning it into a design feature can be surprisingly effective. The ugly duckling becomes a beautiful swan when showered with a little more time and attention. Radiator covers can be built using various types of materials (which have been professionally protected to deal with the heat of the radiator), so it’s a good idea to shop around and find out what kinds of options are available. It’s possible to find radiator covers built using glass, wood and metal. They come in all shapes and sizes and they can be converted into simple shelf solutions to house little trinkets or to act as home-office desk alternatives.

Magnetic radwraps

Magnetic radwraps are fantastic ugly radiator solutions which can be bought online and home-delivered in just a few days. The designs are endless and they are easily applied. One of the best things about the magnetic radwrap is that the manufacturers can use personal photographs or other digital images to create personalised radwraps for anyone interested in having their own design produced for their home. Radwraps which display family photographs for example are great additions to any room as well as being a nifty gift idea.

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