How to avoid sofa weight marks on a carpet

Everyone’s seen them or had them in their home at some stage. You’ve bought the more expensive lush carpet but after a couple of months you want to rearrange your furniture. As soon as you move the sofa you see four big indentations in your carpet that don’t just spring back into shape – they’re more or less there for good. Prevention is always better than cure, so before you ruin your new carpet take some steps to avoid the dreaded dents.

Furniture pads

The simplest answer is to buy furniture pads that you put under the legs of your sofa. They operate on the basic physics of pressure that say that if you spread the same weight (your sofa) over a larger area (formerly the legs, now the pads) the pressure will be reduced. This means less indentations and a more attractive carpet. They often come as felt cushions.

Large coasters

In addition to furniture pads you can opt for slightly more chic coasters that operate on the same principle of spreading the weight. These have been around for years so you can pick up some vintage ones as an excuse to bring another element of style into your home. Check second hand shops and the internet for these.


Some companies have created sliders that you can put over the feet of your furniture with the primary aim of making them easier to slide around on carpet or any other surface. Some are made with a special plastic that reduces friction. A secondary feature of these sliders is that they increase the surface area of the feet and reduce indentations.


You can buy spikes that go on the end of your sofa feet which poke through the carpet, holding the feet off the ground a little and stopping them from pressing down on the carpet as much.

Get legless

If your sofa only has small feet keeping your sofa off the ground you could try removing them. All the weight of the sofa will be spread evenly over its base and make it unlikely indentations will occur. Unfortunately, it also means your sofa is vulnerable to spillages and it won’t get any air under it.

Keep moving

Moving your furniture from time to time will help avoid permanent indentations. You don’t have to rearrange the whole room, just moving a few centimetres each time will do.


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