What colour carpet goes with mahogany wood?

Championed by Yorkshire furniture designer Thomas Chippendale in the 18th century, mahogany is a reddish-brown wood that tends to darken with age. In interior settings, it is used for fine furniture, wall panelling, skirting boards, fire surrounds and decorative trim.


If you like the idea of having a carpet that matches your mahogany wood, choose one in the same colour range, namely red brown. For plain coloured carpet, burnt orange is a good match, having a ruddy base tone combined with a smoky hue. Although mahogany is often fairly evenly toned, if yours has a noticeable pattern, e.g. dark stripes caused by the grain, you could try to match the pattern with a similar carpet design.


A complementary colour to red is green, according to some systems of basic colour theory. Green is the most restful colour, according to Better Homes and Gardens and a green carpet will resonate gently with mahogany wood. Take along a sample of the mahogany wood to the carpet shop, if possible, and hold it against several different shades of green carpet to see if they work well together.

Period style

Eighteenth century carpets were traditionally made of wool, with bright colours and intricate designs. To recreate the look of eighteenth century elegance, when mahogany furniture was in all the fine homes of the British aristocracy, choose an Axminster-type carpet. Many current designs reflect traditional style and give a period feel. You can choose from a wide colour palette and most styles have a quiet elegance which sits well with mahogany wood.

Anything goes

Despite what the so-called experts say about colours that go together well, the fact is that it is entirely up to you what colour carpet you choose. You could choose a completely clashing colour, like deep purple or mustard. Interior design guru Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen revels in “fun and funky” colour combinations and mahogany is stylish enough to work in a wide range of colour contexts.

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