Pregnancy signs in a Jack Russell

Written by rob macintosh | 13/05/2017
Pregnancy signs in a Jack Russell
Is your Jack Russell pregnant? (Franck Prevel/Getty Images News/Getty Images)

Whether it’s planned or not, it’s best to be prepared for a possible Jack Russell birth. They can have as many as nine in a litter, so finding homes and/or preparing your home for the onslaught is vital. It’s important to remember that the following symptoms of pregnancy are possibilities only and none or all may be exhibited by your dog.


A pregnant Jack Russell could exhibit unusual eating patterns soon after becoming pregnant. She may be insatiable one day, then off her food the next. Keep an eye on her food to see what she’s eating.


Like their human counterparts, Jack Russells may vomit daily while pregnant. It could happen at any time of day, not just in the morning. If you start to find deposits of vomit in your home it may be time to get your dog checked out.

Enlarged nipples

In preparation for feeding her offspring, your Jack Russell’s nipples will become larger as milk begins to be created. After week four of pregnancy you may even be able to squeeze milk from her nipples.


A clear discharge may be observed from your Jack Russell’s vagina later in the pregnancy. This will thicken as labour approaches.


The only guaranteed way to diagnose a pregnancy in a Jack Russell is to have her X-rayed. Take her to a vet as soon as you suspect her to be pregnant.

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