What causes spiders to appear in a house?

Some people love their web-building, fly-catching housemates, but many more despise and fear them. Spiders have an almost unique ability to put the wind up us in the UK and some of us can’t even bear to touch them to get them out of the house when they appear. Some can feel victimised by the ordeal, but spiders aren’t looking for trouble when they turn up.

Looking for love

The mating season for spiders is towards the end of summer and autumn and lone males will set off on their own in the hope of finding Mrs Right. With these marauding lotharios hell bent on landing a mate they will have a look anywhere, including in your home. Many people confuse the arrival of more spiders in the autumn as evidence of them seeking shelter from the cold.

Some are always there

Some of the spiders we find in our homes will have come from a long line of house-spiders that have set up home in yours. You may not always see them or their webs, but despite the relatively unfavourable conditions in your home, spiders can survive indefinitely catching other smaller creepy crawlies. Some might argue that their ancestry in your home justifies them in remaining there.


Baby spiders often create little silky parachutes that get them picked up by the wind and transported to new areas. If they are lucky – or unlucky – they may get blown into your home through an open door or window.

You brought them in

We are constantly bringing outside objects into our homes and it is unlikely we check them all thoroughly enough to spot a rogue spider. There may even be a small egg sac hitching a ride on a new piece of furniture. They look like small, furry balls in a web – usually in a corner. If you are intent on making yours a spider-free home, check all items brought in that may have spiders in them.

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