How to overcome mind control & emotional abuse

Mind control and emotional abuse are two very different things, but the effects that they have on our well-being can be very similar. Emotional abuse is something that another person does to us. We might suffer emotional abuse as a child or as an adult, perhaps at work or from our partner. Mind control is something that might happen to us as a result of emotional abuse, but it’s also a common form of self abuse. We allow and even nurture the continued growth of negative thoughts to such a degree that we become very depressed and lose sight of reality. Everything becomes distorted and the negative elements of our lives disproportionately outweigh the positives. Overcoming the damage caused by mind control or emotional abuse is possible, but it can take a lot of time when the problems have been brewing for years.

Have zero contact with the emotional abuser

The only way you can begin the healing process after being emotionally abused is to cut off the abuse from the source, which means having absolutely no contact whatsoever with the person who has been emotionally abusing you. This includes no telephone calls, no text messages and no social network interaction of any kind. Psychologist Dr. Tara Marshall, in an article for The Daily Telegraph, actually states that, “exposure to an ex-partner through Facebook may obstruct the process of healing and moving on from a past relationship."

Learn the art of meditation

One of the best things you can do to relax the mind and ease out negative thoughts which have developed as a result of emotional abuse or mind control is learn to meditate. The wonderful thing about meditation is that it is something you can practice every day, even in the comfort of your own home if you wish, and it’s something which you can get better at over time. The more you meditate, the better you will become at removing negative thoughts which plague you from your mind. The act of meditation itself will become something you can do whenever you feel down. It provides structure to your healing process and will make you feel empowered.

Fill your day with positive people and positive activities

The worst thing you can do is dwindle on the past and shut yourself off from the world. Not only will you be shutting out the people who have hurt you, but you will also be shutting out everyone who can help, namely friends and family or anyone with whom you feel positive. Join a group doing something that you love and make sure you always attend. By the end of the session, all your negativity will have been washed away. When you feel sad, tell people about it and allow them to shower you with love and understanding. If you focus on the positive aspects of your life, they will grow and soon be much stronger than those negative elements which have kept you down for so long.

Stop thinking

Mind control and emotional abuse attack the mind. If you churn things over and over in your head and you focus on what has happened to upset you in the past, your mind will turn into your worst enemy. Repetitive thoughts can be highly destructive and they can bring your mood crashing down in an instant. When you find yourself slipping into a repetitive thought mode, change what you’re doing or change your environment. Go out for a walk, go into another room and do something else, sleep or contact a friend. Anything you can think of to distract you from your thoughts is the best route to take in these instances.

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