How to easily trap animals in "Minecraft"

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How to easily trap animals in "Minecraft"
Get resources from animals in Minecraft. (Courtesy of Minecraft)

Certain resources in the "Minecraft" game are gathered from animals rather than collected from the environment. For example, the most convenient way to get wool is shearing sheep, while cows are the only source of leather, beef and milk. Animals are prone to wander and breed fairly infrequently. You may want to lure them closer to your base and trap them there to ensure you have consistent access to the resources they provide.

Animal enclosure materials

Collect wood, turn it into planks and then turn the planks into sticks. Place six sticks in a crafting table, in two adjacent rows of three, to create fence blocks. Alternatively, collect cobblestone and place six in a crafting table, in two adjacent rows of three, to create cobblestone wall blocks. Both fences and cobblestone walls act as if they were one and a half blocks high, meaning animals can't escape from a fenced-in area, since they can only jump one block high.

Turn wood into planks and then turn some of the planks into sticks. Place a stick, a plank and another stick in the first row in a crafting table, and then place a stick, a plank and another stick in the second row to create a fence gate. The gate will let you walk in and out of the enclosure without needing to destroy any blocks.

Animal enclosure layout

Locate, build or dig a flat area next to your base, with no trees or other structures in the way. Place the fence or cobblestone wall blocks to enclose an area at least four blocks by four blocks; leave one block's worth of free space along one of the edges of the enclosure and place a fence gate there.

Using more fence or cobblestone wall blocks, create a second enclosure, adjacent to the first one on the side the gate is on; leave a block's worth of free space along one edge of this second enclosure and place a second gate there. This second enclosure will act as a "lock," letting you lure animals into the enclosure while preventing any animals that are already inside from escaping.

Luring animals

Although you can build a fence around an animal if you're quick and the animal is in a convenient location, it will usually be more efficient first to construct the enclosure, and then lure the animal inside. To get animals to follow you, you need to be holding a specific item in your hand. Pigs are lured by carrots, chicken by wheat grain, and cows and sheep by wheat. The latter two items are easy to obtain. Find wheat grain while destroying tall grass. Grow wheat by planting grain on tilled land. You will need to kill zombies or find a village to obtain carrots. It would be easier to build a fence around a pig when starting a new game.


The animals breed infrequently during the course of normal game play. You will benefit from trapping two animals of each type and breeding them together to gather their resources. To breed two animals, feed each of them the same item used to lure it to make it enter "love mode." Once both animals are in "love mode," they will head towards each other and a baby animal of the same species will appear. After twenty minutes of real time, the baby animal will grow to full size. Each pair of animals can be bred once every five minutes.

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