Makeup tips for freckled-faced girls

Many red-haired girls have freckles dappling their skin, although other girls can get them, particularly if they spend a lot of time in the sunshine. Some girls embrace their freckles while others prefer to minimise their appearance. There are makeup techniques that can serve both purposes.


Foundation can be used to cover or complement freckled skin. To cover up freckles, use a heavy foundation. A concealer that matches the skin tone can be used on particularly dark spots prior to application of the foundation. Mineral-based foundations reflect the light more than synthetic foundations, so make a good option if using heavy makeup. Alternatively, a sheer foundation evens the tone of the skin while allowing some freckles to come through. A tinted foundation or moisturiser can also help to lighten the freckles, but won't completely cover them.


Use peachy, coral or coral blusher. This compliments rather than contrasts with freckles. It gives the skin a healthy glow. Avoid blushers that contain glitter, as this will contrast comparatively sharply with the muted tone of the freckles.

Eye shadow

As a general rule, choose your eye shadow to compliment the colour of your eyes, not the colour of your freckles. Green eyes are complimented by a pink or plum tone, blue eyes go well with gold and tawny colouring, hazel eyes suit mauves and Champagne shades, while brown eyes are suited to most eye-shadow colours. All girls with freckles should avoid a single brown tone in the eyelid, as this will cause the eye to blend in with the face.

Brows and lashes

Redheads should choose a light brown or taupe shade of eyebrow pencil. Dark brows can look too fierce against the fair skin that redheads usually have. By the same token, mascara in brown helps to soften the eyes with a natural look. Black lashes add drama by contrasting with fair skin and freckles.


Brown and plum coloured lipsticks suit freckle-faced redheads. While eye shadow should contrast with the colour of the freckles, lipstick should compliment it. Brick and toast shades flatter freckled skin tones. Neutrals also work well. Freckled-faced girls should avoid bright pink lipstick.

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