How much do Zumba education specialists get paid?

Written by julie vickers | 13/05/2017
How much do Zumba education specialists get paid?
Zumba instructors require energy, enthusiasm and commitment to personal fitness. (Shirlaine Forrest/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images)

Zumba is a fitness programme that is inspired by Latin-style dance moves and international rhythms like salsa and merengue. Zumba workouts consist of energetic movements coupled with simple dance routines that help to burn calories and tone muscles. Zumba education specialists aim to create a fun party atmosphere during workout sessions so that participants leave the sessions feeling not only sweaty, but exhilarated, too! If you are a fitness enthusiast who enjoys dance-inspired workouts, you might wish to learn about Zumba training requirements and other details such as how much pay you can expect to receive as a qualified Zumba instructor.

Freelance exercise to music instructors

Cruise ships, holiday resort companies, private health clubs and fitness franchises like Virgin Active and Fitness First employ freelance exercise to music instructors to lead exercise sessions for holidaymakers or club members. As a self-employed group exercise to music instructor, you can expect payment of between £10 and £30 for each hour-long Zumba session that you teach. The number of Zumba lessons available for you to teach each week depends upon factors such as the popularity of Zumba within the local community or organisation and whether you are sharing availability of sessions with another freelance instructor who is employed at the same centre.

In-house fitness instructors

If you require more regular hours or a work schedule that offers greater security, you could apply to a local leisure centre, such as one of the council-sponsored Everyone Active Leisure Centres, for a salaried job as a part-time or full-time personal trainer or fitness instructor who also leads group exercise sessions. This role would require you to undertake tasks such as organising timetables and staff rosters and provide opportunities for you to lead group exercise sessions, such as Zumba classes, when lessons become available. According to the Discovery UK website, personal trainers and fitness instructors who are employed by a gym earn a salary of between £16,000 and £22,000 during their first year of employment.

Freelance Zumba instructor

As a freelance Zumba instructor, you can offer classes in suitable venues such as community centres, village halls or schools at times that suit you and your clientele. You can set also your own fee for the lessons that you teach, but your fee rates will need to cover expenses such as rental fees for use of the building that you have chosen and other potential costs like personal indemnity insurance. According to The Independent, Zumba instructors worldwide charge between £5 and £10 for an hour-long lesson. However, fee rates vary according to location and class availability and you will need to set fee rates that are competitive and within context. For example, the Cambridgeshire website lists Zumba classes that cost between £3 and £5 for an hour's tuition.

Private Zumba tuition

The Zumba dance-fitness concept is geared towards group exercise that takes place in a vibrant party atmosphere. However, some people might prefer individual or private tuition due to reasons such as lack of body confidence or embarrassment when exercising in front of other people. If you are a freelance Zumba instructor offering private tuition, you can charge fees of between approximately £20 and £30 for a session that lasts about an hour.

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