Spiky hairstyles for men

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Spiky hairstyles for men
Spiky hair has remained popular since the 1970s. (Young man with wet hair image by MAXFX from Fotolia.com)

Spiky hairstyles for men have remained popular since the 1970s, when punk introduced an aggressive style. Spikes are a way for modern men to experiment with basic hair styling on short hair. You don't need many styling products to maintain this sort of look, beyond one or two that give hold. Heated tools are also unnecessary. Most really good spiky styles rely on having a suitable cut underneath.


For classically spiky hair you need look no further than punk. A British movement in the 1970s, punk was less about fashion than politics and music. Punks wore a utilitarian look, often cutting their own hair, which would then be worn messed up. Original punks often looked messy, more than spiky but this was the first time that hair was actively made to stand up and stick out in an unkempt manner.

Spiky hairstyles for men
Punk was an attitude and way of life. (punk guy in london image by Jerome Dancette from Fotolia.com)

Mohicans & liberty spikes

From the '70s punk scene, came the classic dramatically spiky styles we associate with the era, such as the Mohican. For this, all was shorn but a think strip of hair running from front to back. The strip was then spiked up solid. Liberty spikes involved twisting and pulling a whole head of hair into long, pointed spikes all over the head. To do both these styles you need a comb and some strong hold gel and hairspray to get the hair to really sit up in a sculptural manner. Original punks may well have thought nothing of using glue to create these looks. Both styles were popular into the 1980s and often dyed vibrant colours.

Spiky hairstyles for men
Mohicans and liberty spikes influenced a range of hybrid styles throughout the 1980s. (Punk style image by Gina Smith from Fotolia.com)


Emo fashion cuts are distinguished by an asymmetrical fringe. Hair is heavily layered and straightened to get the characteristic spiky ends. Emo developed from the 1980s post-punk scene, being so named because of the emotional exploration that this music encouraged. As it developed into a teen fashion cult as much as a musical movement, maintaining an eye-catching emo hairstyle became extremely important for many followers. Some shorter emo styles are undercut or layered close to the scalp at one side. Style these by straightening the long layers into hanging points and then use wax to get the short layers to sit up in spikes.

Spiky hairstyles for men
Emo spikes are subtly styled but very important. (guitarist teenage boy playing guitar image by david hughes from Fotolia.com)


Spiky mainstream styles are a way to inject a little more youth, personality or fun into a regular length cut. These are good for men who want to make a statement with their hair, without going over the top. Modern spiky styles also help to avoid the formality of a traditional smoothed down short style, or the trendiness of a mod cut or shag style. Hair is usually cut in short layers, being clipped as short around the back and sides as desired. You can then gently spike the top up with wax or putty. These stay pliable, helping you to maintain hold and separation that you can rearrange or tidy up throughout the day.

Spiky hairstyles for men
Modern spiky styles are acceptable in the workplace. (young Asian with spiky hair wearing suit image by visi.stock from Fotolia.com)

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