Hairstyles for men with grey hair

Updated July 20, 2017

For some men, grey hair can be a problem, an unwanted sign of getting older. However, going grey is nothing to be ashamed of, whether it happens to you at 80 or at 30. With a well-chosen style, grey locks can help a man appear wise, refined, distinguished, and even attractive: 63% of respondents to a 2010 poll by "The Sun" found grey-haired men sexy.

Keep it Short and Simple

Perhaps the first thing to realise about styling grey hair is that it needn't be a challenge. There isn't necessarily any need to take a radical approach to styling hair simply because it's grey; grey can be styled into traditional men's short haircuts with every bit as much success as brown, blonde or ginger hair. Just take a look at such celebrities as Gary Lineker and George Clooney. They keep their hair smartly short, but wear their grey proudly. Both men certainly prove that having grey hair needn't make a man appear older than he is.

Long and Flowing

Some other grey-haired men have successfully become "silver foxes" by growing their locks fairly long. Actors Richard Gere and Jeff Bridges are excellent examples of this approach. Longer hair can appear very distinguished and could be a great option for a man worried that his grey hair might make him appear overly formal or traditional. Beware, however, of letting grey hair get too long especially if your hair is also thinning. When taken too far, long grey hair could appear to be a desperate -- and failed -- attempt to maintain a younger appearance.

Styles to Avoid

While it's perfectly possible to have grey hair and appear youthful, grey hair itself isn't readily associated with youthfulness. As such, it's best to avoid edgy styles most frequently worn by teenagers or men in their twenties, for example, spiky or choppy cuts. A youthful style can look incongruous with grey hair, drawing attention to the wearer's age rather than distracting from it. This is just as pertinent for those who have gone grey at a young age, and whose hair may therefore already appear slightly unusual, as it is for older men worried about the aging effects of grey hair.

Considering Head Shape

Grey hair, then, can be worn with pride and confidence, either short or long. That's why, when determining a successful style, you should in fact be thinking foremost about what kind of cut will suit your facial shape, rather than approaching grey hair as a problem that needs to be "dealt with" using a particular styling approach. If you don't already have an idea of styles that suit the shape of your head, the basic rules are simple. Shorter, more angular cuts can define a round face, while a slightly longer look can soften a square head or mask a large forehead. Your barber is the best person to advise you on this issue.

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