Free Patterns for Beading Techniques

Updated April 17, 2017

Some beading magazines have patterns that come free with purchase of the magazine or online libraries of patterns that are free to subscribers. It's also possible to find patterns that are completely free. Bead and craft suppliers sometimes offer patterns for beading techniques on their sites. Beading enthusiasts can also share techniques and patterns online.

Basic Techniques

The most basic beading technique is to string beads onto thread or wire. Simple as this is, tips and tutorials can still help achieve superior results. Pattern sites aimed at beginners and younger crafters can be very helpful here, as can sites run by more experienced beaders who offer tips on techniques and materials. Commercial sites that offer free patterns generally have a wide range that includes simple beading techniques. One example is the Spellbound Bead Company's guide, Threading with Beading Wires.

Bead Weaving

There are a great many bead weaving techniques and projects ranging from simple to advanced, from flat pieces to complex dimensional work. It is possible to find free patterns and how-tos for many of these. Websites offering free bead weaving patterns include Kimberly Chapman's Beading and Beadie Friends, which offers free pages on both loom weaving and off-loom weaving.

Techniques for Flowers and Animals

In addition to jewellery, beading can be used to make flowers and animals. Sites that offer free patterns and techniques include Marcel's Kid Crafts, Kimberly Chapman's Beading and Beadie Friends.

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