Free Children's Masks to Make

Written by geoff hineman | 13/05/2017
Free Children's Masks to Make
With simple supplies like markers and glue, you could be creating masks today. (Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images)

Whether for Halloween or just a fun-time craft, masks can be a way to let kids show their creative aptitude. There are a number of different ways to create free children's masks and they can be as easy or ambitious as you would like. From simply colouring on pre-printed templates to full on markers, construction paper, glue and feathers, each mask has the potential to be as different as the children making them.

Printable Masks

There are many websites that offer free printable mask templates in a variety of styles, including animals and clowns. Once printed, the child can cut out around the outside edges of the template and the eye areas. After the necessary cutting has been done, simply attach elastic or string to the sides to keep the mask on the child's head. Templates can be found at the Preschool Kids website.

Cereal Box Masks

Don't discard that cereal box just yet; make a mask from it instead. Cut wrapping paper to fit around the box, then glue it on. When the glue has dried, draw facial features onto the box with markers or cut out construction paper features and glue them on. Be creative: add ears on the sides, eyeglasses, a moustache or even feathers. For a more realistic mask, cut out the back of the box and add elastic to the sides to keep the mask in place. When the design is complete, cut out eye holes so your child can see when wearing the mask.

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