Seaweed Crafts

Updated April 17, 2017

Seaweed is a type of algae that has many versatile uses and benefits. Whether you are using it to cook, or maybe to make an original piece of artwork, use the time with your children as a teaching experience as well. Remember to use fresh seaweed for whatever craft project you decide to do.

Seaweed Art

If you or your children love the ocean, make some seaweed art to celebrate the start of summer. Each person receives her own poster board and plenty of seaweed to work with. Each person places the seaweed in any design she wants on top of the poster board. Press down on the seaweed and give it enough time to completely dry. It should stick on the board without any problem, but glue any edges or pieces that are not fully sticking with some craft glue. Individualise each piece by adding paint, sand or seashells.


Have your children create their own seaweed from modelling clay. Using bright green clay, have them roll out the clay into long, thin pieces. They can flatten the clay and design it in the shape of seaweed. To add texture and authenticity, press into the clay with a craft stick. Using other colours of clay, your children can also make coral, fish and seashells. After the clay completely dries, about three days later, children can set up their own underwater scene using the crafts they made.

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