Sun, Moon and Stars Crafts

Written by wendy lau | 13/05/2017
Sun, Moon and Stars Crafts
Create crafts about the elements seen in the sky. (Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images)

Astronomy is a subject children learn about in science class. While they learn about our universe, creating crafts that picture the sun, moon and stars can help them better understand the subject. Children of every age can enjoy crafts using these themes.

Sun, Moon and Star Mobile

Punch eight holes around the rim of a sturdy paper plate, evenly spaced. Draw, colour and cut out outlines of a moon, a sun and two stars. Punch a hole at the top of each, and tie a strip of yarn to it. Cut two strips of yarn 45 inches long and form an "X" with it. Place the paper plate, bottom side up, in the middle of the "X," and thread the yarn ends into alternating holes in the plate's rim. Tie the four strands of yarn together at their ends. Tie the cut-out shapes to the remaining holes on the rim of the plate. Children can view the sun, moon and stars with this mobile.

Sun, Moon and Star Paper Fans

Children can make paper-plate fans of the sun, moon and stars and use a craft stick for each fan's handle. Cut the rippled rims of three paper plates off, and on each remaining centre, draw the friendly face of a sun, a moon and a star. Use crayon to colour each drawing. Complete the paper fans by gluing the craft stick behind each one to form the handle. Children can use the paper plate fans indoors and outdoors as they take in the view of the sky.

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