Christmas bazaar crafts to make at home

Updated July 20, 2017

Christmas bazaars are often swamped with visitors, trying to find the perfect gift for loved ones. To sell at the Christmas bazaar, you will need an inexpensive craft to sell, one that appeals to a wide variety of customers. Always try out the craft ahead of time, especially if your crafts are edible.

Bath oils

Create your own home made bath oil to sell at the Christmas bazaar. Bath oils appeal to many visitors and are relatively inexpensive to make. Purchase glass containers with lids (whether cork or twist) from the dollar store. The oil you use depends on your preference. Baby or olive oils are inexpensive and readily available at many stores. Fill the container with potpourri, dried flowers, eucalyptus or dried fruits, until half full. For a fragrant oil, add any scented oil or perfume you desire. Add the oil to the jar and secure the lid in place. Decorating options include ribbon, tulle, silk flowers or tags.

Christmas ornaments

Using plain glass ornaments, you can create elegant decorations. Purchase multiple types of ribbon -- silk, holiday or metallic work well. Carefully remove the stopper from the top of the ornament, removing it too hard can cause the glass to break. Cut the ribbon into 6-inch strips and insert the ribbon into the top of the ornament. You can also pour glitter, confetti or bells into the ornament for a different look. Place the stopper back into the glass ornament and store the ornament in newsprint to prevent breaking.

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