Free Bible crafts for Joseph's coat of many colours

Updated February 21, 2017

Joseph and his coat of many colours is a Bible story that is ideal for a children's church class to learn about Joseph, his father and his brothers. Children can read this story, talk about what it means, and then finish up the lesson with a free Bible craft based on Joseph's coat of many colours.

Genesis 37:3 paper coat craft

Have kids do a fun paper craft that will have all of the words from the passage from Genesis 37:3 on it when it is completed. Children just need paper, scissors, glue and something to colour with. Draw an outline of Joseph wearing his coat that is large enough to add the words to Genesis 37:3: "Now Israel loved Joseph more than all his children, because he was the son of his old age. Also he made him a tunic of many colours." Cut out an outline of the coat and cut it into puzzle pieces that will all fit together on Joseph and create his coat. Have the children colour the pieces, then glue them onto Joseph. Now they can add some of the words from the passage onto each piece so that the coat will hold the entire passage.

Joseph's craft card (construction) paper coat

An inexpensive craft that children can do as part of a Sunday or Bible school lesson is to make Joseph's coat of many colours out of construction paper. Provide craft card (construction) paper, scissors, glue, material scraps, rickrack and buttons. Show children how to cut out the shape of a shirt and decorate it with the materials provided.

Tissue paper coat of many colours

Children can make a craft of Joseph's coat of many colours with tissue paper, glue, card stock, scissors, a paper plate and a new pencil. Cut out the shape of a coat with the card stock and squares of various coloured tissue paper. Squirt out a glob of glue onto a paper plate, wrap one of the pieces of tissue paper around the eraser end of your new pencil, dip it into the glue and press it onto the coat. Continue doing this until the entire coat is covered with the various colours of pieces of tissue paper.

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