Easy & fast crafts to make for fairs

Updated April 17, 2017

Creative people can make easy crafts that do not take a lot of time to assemble and then sell their work at craft fairs. Crafts can be decorative, functional or both. Some people enjoy buying crafts directly from artisans at a fair, and selling at a fair is a good way for craft makers to see what types of crafts people are interested in purchasing.

Painted T-shirts and Hats

Make unique designs or logos on T-shirts or hats with fabric paint. Buy fast drying fabric paint, and apply the paint to T-shirts and hats with your own unique design. Make sure to choose a design that is not copyrighted, but something you have drawn on paper as a blueprint beforehand. Let dry, and the painted hats and T-shirts are ready to sell.

Decorate Picture Frames

Sell decorative picture frames. Go to a thrift store or a dollar store and purchase inexpensive picture frames. Use a nontoxic superglue made for either wood or metal. Glue onto the edges of the picture frame different small polished rocks or flat beads. You can even use old bingo chips or something that will give the edge of the frame a unique look or theme.

Beaded Key Rings and Jewelry

Make colourful beaded key rings and jewellery. Use ready-made packaged beads with a hole in the centre of the beads, and string the beads through strong jewellery wire. Attach the wire to a key ring. Attach strung beads to the end of jewellery fasteners and clamp the wire in place with needle nosed pliers to secure the ends.

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