Pinocchio Crafts

Updated May 30, 2018

Thoughts of Pinocchio conjure up a vision of a poor young boy who could not get away with telling a lie; imagine the kinds of crafts you could create from a nose like that. Pinocchio, the little wooden boy brought to life by the loving Geppetto, brings back childhood Disney movie memories for most. Celebrate those fond memories by crafting a couple of fun items.

Pinocchio Mask

Enjoy this craft with the whole family. Cut out a Pinocchio mask from craft foam sheets. From the wide eyes, raised brows, perky ears and chipper smile, create a fun party or Halloween mask. Of course, it's all about the nose, so make a cut, insert a tightly rolled piece of thin cardboard, such as a slit toilet-paper tube, and secure it in place with tape. Paint the prominent feature to match the face. Finish off the look by making a yellow craft-foam hat, complete with a red feather. Attach fitted elastics or string for wearing.

Pinocchio Marionette

Enjoy hours of puppeteering fun; create a Pinocchio marionette. Draw, colour and cut out the separate body parts, using paper. Be sure to make each individual moving section, such as lower leg and upper leg, forearm and upper arm. Trace and cut out each body part shape from cardboard. Glue the paper parts onto the cardboard parts for durability. At each naturally occurring joint, punch a hole. Attach the body parts with string or paper fasteners (metal brads) to create the movable body. Using 12-inch strings, make your puppet work by tying through holes made in the head, hands, elbows and knees. Tie all of the string ends to a pencil or craft stick and watch the wooden boy come to life.

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