Other Uses for Beer Kegs

Updated July 20, 2017

The party is over, the people have all left and the cleanup process has just begun. But what do you do with the oversized, empty beer kegs? Many people choose to just throw out, recycle or refill the barrel, but there are some other creative options to get more use out of a beer keg.

Keg Kettle

People who enjoy brewing their own beer at home can convert an empty beer keg into a kettle. After releasing the pressure and cutting the top off, the keg can be fitted with a drain, siphon and other necessary fixtures for kettle conversion. This method requires caution and possibly a professional welder, but the result is a cheaper option to the £195 canning kettles found in stores.

Keg Grill

Turning a keg into a barbecue can be a tough process, but the result is a creative cooking tool that will surely be a hit at the next tailgate party. The keg is sawn in half, and a metal grill is attached to the interior. After hinges, handles and charcoal are added, the keg will be ready to barbecue your favourite meats.

Keg Stool

The kettle and grill options may be slightly ambitious for some people. A simpler, yet still clever project is turning the keg into a bar stool. The project involves simply adding a cushioned seat to the top of the empty keg. The result is a comfortable seat with a distinctive style for your home, restaurant or bar.

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