How to Fix ooVoo Sound

Written by kefa olang | 13/05/2017

ooVoo is a instant messaging program that allows you to chat with family and friends, anytime, all around the world. It also allows you to make and receive video calls, so you can communicate with your favourite people face to face. If you are unable to hear your friend, a few troubleshooting steps may solve common sound problems.

Make sure your microphone is properly connected to the microphone input on computer.

Make sure your speakers are properly connected especially if you are using external speakers. If you are using headphones, make sure they are properly connected to the headphone input.

Click the "Help" menu in ooVoo and click "Check your Audio and Video" to launch the set-up wizard.

Click the "Speakers" tab, and then click "Test" to see if your speakers are working properly. If you can't hear the test sound, check your speaker or headphone connections. Test the speakers again.

Click the "Microphone" tab, and click the "Test" button to calibrate your microphone. If it isn't working, select the right sound card or microphone.

Right-click the speaker icon on the taskbar, and click "Playback device" from the drop-down menu if you are still experiencing difficulty.

Select the default playback device that has a green circle on it, and then click "Properties" to launch the "Properties" window.

Click the "Advanced" tab, and then clear the check boxes in that tab.

Click the small arrow in the "Default Format" area if you still have no audio. Select a lower sample rate (Hz) than the current one, and then save your changes.

Click the "Start" button if you are still experiencing sound problems. Right-click "Computer," and click "Manage."

Click "Device Manager" to launch the "Device Manager." Scroll down and click "Sound, video and game controllers" to expand it.

Right-click your sound card, and then click "Uninstall." Restart your computer. Once restarted, the driver will reinstall automatically.

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