How to Reset BIOS on an Evo N600C

Updated April 17, 2017

The Evo N600C is a laptop computer manufactured by Compaq. Like any PC, it uses a BIOS (basic input/output system) to operate. You can make changes to your computer's system by entering the BIOS on the start-up screen. From there, it's possible to reset the BIOS completely due to motherboard replacement or some other issue.

Back up any data on your computer you wish to save, as resetting the BIOS wipes the computer.

Turn off the computer and turn it back on.

Press the "FN" and "F11" keys simultaneously when you see the blinking cursor appear in the upper-right portion of the screen during start-up. You are then taken to the BIOS set-up utility screen.

Select "Reset" from the list of options. You are then prompted to confirm the reset.

Click "OK" to confirm the reset. Your computer restarts again and the BIOS is reset.

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