How to View Textures in the "Second Life" Cache

Written by t.m. wit | 13/05/2017

"Second Life" is an online game where you create your own character and virtual world. The texture cache is the folder that hosts all the textures used in the game. You can view the textures using a program called Second Life Viewer. Second Life Viewer is hosted on the "Second Life" web page. By creating a script, you can use the textures UUID to display the texture.

Navigate to the "Second Life" viewer download page.

Click "Download the SL Viewer on Windows."

Click "Save File." Allow the file to download.

Open Second Life Viewer.

Create a 1 x 1 meter box and name it "Texture Viewer."

Click "Properties" then add this script to the box:






touch_start(integer total_number)




Open the "Second Life" texture cache and copy the universally unique identifier (UUID) code of the texture you would like to view.

Click "Edit Mode" in the Second Life Viewer.

Paste the UUID into the description field for your image viewer. Delete the ".texture" file extension.

Quit Edit Mode, then load the texture viewer you created. You will now see the texture displayed on the box.

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