How to Change Resolution With FRAPS

Updated April 17, 2017

FRAPS is designed to capture what's on your screen, whether it's the Windows desktop or a game you're playing, and save it as a video file or screenshot. The resolution of the video or screenshot is generally dependent on the resolution of what FRAPs captures, though FRAPS can be configured to capture video at full-size or half-size resolution If you configure FRAPS to half-size resolution, the resolution of your video will be half what appears on the screen.

Open FRAPS, then click "Movies."

Click the "Full-Size" or "Half-Size" radio button under "Video Capture Settings." Full-size will record your video at the resolution of the source. For example, if you are recording a game with a resolution of 1280 by 720 pixels, the video will be recorded at 1280 by 720 in full-size. If you record in half-size, the video will be recorded at 640 by 360 pixels.

Press "F9," and FRAPS records all activity on your screen until you press "F9" to toggle off the recording.


If you are recording game footage, you can change the resolution of the game screen in most games, then select full or half-size to further adjust the resolution of your FRAPS video. You can adjust the hotkey that turns FRAPS recording on and off in the "Movies" tab. Enter an F-key, like F3 or F11 in the "Video Capture Hotkey" text box.

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