How to Copyright Your Picture on Facebook

Updated April 17, 2017

You can share photos free with friends on Facebook, but depending on your privacy sections, you may have concerns about other people taking and reusing images you own. If you created a picture, you automatically own the copyright and have the legal right to prevent other people using it. You can assert your ownership of an image in at least two simple ways.

Upload your photo to Facebook as you would normally.

Type a copyright notice or warning in the "Description" or "Say Something About This Photo" field. Include your name, the year of the photo and a request that others respect your copyright. For example: "Copyright John Doe, 2011. Please do not reproduce this photo without permission from the owner."

Click "Save" or "Share," then "Publish," if prompted.

Go to

Click "Choose File," and select the image you want to upload to Facebook from your PC, then click "Upload."

Type a short copyright notice, such as "Copyright John Doe 2011," and select settings such as font size, colour and position from the drop-down menus.

Click "Generate," then click the watermarked image to view.

Right-click the image, then select "Save Image As" to save the image to your PC. You can now upload the copyrighted image to Facebook as normal.

Go to

Click "Upload Photo(s)," and open the image you want to upload to Facebook from your PC, then click "2. Add Watermark" once the photo has automatically uploaded.

Type a short copyright notice, select preferences, and click "3. Process Photo(s)."

Click "Download Finished Photo(s)" to save the watermarked photos to your PC. You can then upload to Facebook.

Go to

Click "From disk," then "Browse," and select a photo from your PC, then click "Upload."

Click "Add Text" in the tool menu, type a copyright notice where indicated, select a font colour, then click "Apply."

Click, hold and drag the text to a new position, then click "Apply" again to reposition the text.

Click "Save to Disk" to download the image. You can then upload it to Facebook.

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