How to Use the Cheat Engine With "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare"

Updated February 21, 2017

The PC and Xbox 360 game, "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare" utilises a cheat engine that requires you to collect hidden Intel that resembles a laptop. When you collect enough Intel, you earn a cheat that alter's your gameplay experience. The game hides 30 laptops that create a total of eight cheats. The PC version of the game offers several additional cheats activated by entering a specific code on your keyboard.

Enter the game and click on the "Options" menu. Check the box next to "Enable Console" and press "OK."

Press and hold the "~" key and type "seta thereisacow 1337." Press the "Enter" key and type "spdevmap bog_a," press "Enter" again and release "~."

Type the cheat "cg_drawgun" to release your gun. Enter the cheat "cg_fov" to zoom using your gun.

Activate "God Mode" by typing the cheat "demigod."

Add items to your inventory. Type "give" then the exact name of an item to obtain a new item. Type "give all" to obtain every weapon. Type "give ammo" to replenish your ammo.

Increase the game's difficulty. Type "noclip" to turn off clipping or "player_sustainammo1" to turn off reloading.

Obtain Intel, located within hidden laptops, to increase your ability to use cheats. The game contains 30 different laptops. By the time you obtain all 30 laptops, you earn eight cheats.

Locate the Intel during the "Crew Expendable" mission. The first laptop rests in the room with the drunk Russian and sits in the left corner of the room. The second laptop hides beneath the first cargo hold, beyond the stairs.

Click on the "Pause" screen then on "Options."

Press the "Cheats" option. Look to the left of the screen to determine your total number of Intel pieces. Look to the right side of the screen to determine which cheats you unlocked.

Click on a cheat to apply it. The "CoD Noir" cheat, unlocked with two laptops, creates black and white graphics. "Photo Negative," unlocked with four laptops, inverts the game's colour. "Super Contrast," unlocked by 6 laptops, increases contrast. "Ragtime Warfare," unlocked with eight laptops, adds a silent movie filter. "Cluster Bombs," unlocked at 10 laptops, increases the strength of grenades while "A Bad Year" requires 15 laptops and forces enemies to explode into tires. "Slow-Mo," available after you collect 20 laptops, slows the game's speed and "Infinite Ammo," available after you collect every laptop, provides you with unlimited ammunition.

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