How to Make a Cardboard Knight in Armour

Updated February 21, 2017

Build a cardboard knight to serve as a prop in a play, party decoration or decor in a castle-themed room. Make the knight in armour in any size from miniature to larger-than-life. Decorate the knight in any number of creative ways to make it suit your specific purposes. Hang the knight directly on the wall or create a prop so it stands on its own.

Lay a flat piece of cardboard on a table or on the ground. Base the size of the cardboard on the size of knight you wish to create.

Use a marker to draw a freehand outline of the knight on the cardboard. Draw the head from a profile view to accentuate the armour. Include a plume on top of the helmet and the pointed outline of the face guard. Draw in other details to show he is wearing armour by creating circle outlines on the knees and elbows to represent the metal joints.

Trace around your knight outline with a utility knife to cut out the basic shape.

Decorate the cardboard knight in the method of choice. Use high-gloss acrylic silver paint to depict the shiny armour on his body. Make circular pieces of foil and glue them in a pattern on the cardboard outline to represent chain mail armour.

Create any additional props from cardboard such as a sword or shield. Cut out the outlines from cardboard, decorate and use craft glue to attach them to the knight's hands.


To create a stand for the knight, cut a strip of cardboard as tall as the knight and about half as wide. Fold the bottom section of the cardboard piece under so it looks like an L. Fold a small piece of the top over and apply glue. Stick the piece to the back of the knight.

Things You'll Need

  • Cardboard
  • Marker
  • Utility knife
  • High-gloss silver acrylic paint
  • Aluminium foil
  • Craft glue
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