How to Clean Burnt Sugar From a Pot

All it takes is a couple of minutes for sugar to scorch and burn onto a pot surface. Melted sugar is a common ingredient in many candy recipes, including homemade caramels. Once sugar burns, it becomes crusty and essentially worthless for use in cooking. Like all burnt foods, burnt sugar is simplest to remove when fresh. Burnt sugar residue becomes more firmly attached to a pot as it dries and sets. Fortunately, removal of burnt sugar from a pot is possible with basic kitchen products and techniques.

Fill the affected pot with enough water to completely cover the burnt-sugar residue. Pour a drop of dish soap into the pan.

Place the dirty pan on the stove burner. Simmer the soapy solution over low heat for about 10 minutes or until the burnt-sugar residue melts off the pan's surface.

Remove the pan from the heat. Let the heated pan cool completely.

Pour a drop of the dish soap onto a clean dish sponge. Wet the sponge with water to generate suds.

Scrub the pan's surface with the sudsy sponge to detach any remaining burnt-sugar residue or grime. Clean the pan thoroughly.

Rinse the freshly washed pan with warm water. Thoroughly dry the pan with a clean towel and store it.


Simmer a solution of 113gr. baking soda and 1 qt. of water in the dirty pan as an alternative.


Metal scrubbing utensils may scratch pans.

Things You'll Need

  • Dish soap
  • Clean dish sponge
  • Clean towel
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