How to Introduce a New Sales Manager

Written by steve bradley | 13/05/2017
How to Introduce a New Sales Manager
A new sales manager should be introduced to your staff in person. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

Once you have hired a new sales manager he must get to know your staff and clients. Introduce a new sales manager to either the sales staff or the client base with tact, by thanking the previous manager and explaining the credentials of her replacement. Ideally, you want to make the recipients of the introduction feel valued and part of the team while also giving the new manager a strong step forward as a key member of your organisation.

Thank the previous sales manager for her contributions and wish her well in her new endeavour. Acknowledge the fact that she was part of the team and will be missed. Whether the parting was mutual or not, it is important to say something that transitions from the previous manager to the new hire.

Inform your clients and staff of the new sales manager paying specific attention to what skills, abilities and experiences he brings with him. Let your people know why this new person was hired. Say something like, "I am happy to announce that Chris Smith is going to be our new sales manager. Chris brings a lot to our organisation, having managed in both retail sales and call centres.

Provide a quick biography of your new sales manager to allow both staff and clients to feel comfortable with the new team member. These comments should be tailored to fit your given situation and should be presented at the introductory meeting. Explain the practical experience the person has, where he went to school and where he has worked in the past. Remember that the goal is to make people feel willing to collaborate with this person.

Explain how you will be part of the transition. One way to make both your client base and your staff feel more comfortable with a new hire is to place yourself there with them. Tell them you will be part of initial meetings and visits and that you and the new sales manager will be meeting regularly to go over plans and visions for the company's future.

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