How to Eliminate Back Fat From a Bra

Updated March 23, 2017

According to the My Intimacy article, "Bra Fit Facts," 85% of women wear the wrong bra size, and some believe that wearing the right size can increase a woman's self confidence. Back fat is caused by a woman wearing a bra that does not fit her properly. When a woman wears a bra that does not fit, it creates rolls of fat that are typically not there. Follow a few simple tips to eliminate back fat caused from wearing a poorly fitting bra.

Go to a department store to have a retail sales associate determine your size. The associate has training in sizing bras and should be able to help you. Explain to the associate the problem that you are facing with your current bra.

Take the associate's advice in stride, but rely on your thoughts about the way the bras fit. According to Oprah article, "Bra Fitting Tips," when a person has back fat, the bra is actually too big. Try going down a size in the band.

Double check that you are wearing the bra correctly. The bra should be worn low on your back. A band that is too loose might ride up your back, so purchase a band size that fits right.

Try different styles and brands of bras. A bra with lots of padding might fit differently than a bra with no padding even if both are the same size. Have an associate put at least five bras in your dressing room to try.

Make a pact to get fit if you are still not happy with the way you look. According to MSNBC article, "Fitness Fixes," a cardio and diet plan can reduce fat everywhere including the area with back fat. In addition, you can try spot toning with exercises for your pecs.


Tell yourself that you look beautiful. You should not judge yourself on the amount of fat you have.


Do not become over-consumed with the fact that you have back fat. You could succumb to an eating disorder, which is very dangerous to your health.

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