How to block people from seeing your tweets without unfollowing them

Written by michael batton kaput | 13/05/2017

The social networking site Twitter allows users to post messages -- "tweets" -- of up to 140 characters that can then be seen by all the other users who "follow" them. There may be certain users whom you follow, even though you do not want them to see your own tweets. With Twitter's block option, you can target specific users that you want to keep in the dark, and do so without removing them entirely from your account.

In a Web browser, navigate to the Twitter home page and log in.

Click "Followers" or "Following" on the right-hand side of the screen to display a list of Twitter users.

Click on the user you wish to block from seeing your tweets.

Click on the icon below his profile description that displays the head and shoulders of a person. A drop-down list appears.

Click "Block [Username]" to block the person from receiving your updates, but without unfollowing him.

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