How to Set Up Client Browser Intellex

Updated February 21, 2017

Create a video surveillance system with Intellex. Intellex Browser Client allows you to view live intellex videos through your web browser. The software records video and can play it back frame by frame. You can forward or reverse the video any time. The Intellex client set-up runs from a Microsoft Windows operating system. You can access different Intellex units and tailor the background for viewing. IT professionals can host videos live. You can also add a password to protect your videos from unauthorised viewing.

Check your system for ISS and .net 1.1. Go to "Control Panel" and "Administrative Tools." Verify that each piece of software is installed. Go to the Microsoft website for free downloads if they are not installed.

Insert the Intellex CD into your computer and double-click "setup.exe." This is done on the server's machine, not the client machines. Select "Yes," and the installation wizard will appear. Click "Next" and "Finish." Go to the "Start" button on the bottom left of your computer and select "Run." Enter "cmd" at the prompt.

Get your IP address. Go to "Run" again and enter "ipconfig" and then hit enter. Your system will give you your IP address. Write it down and exit.

Configure your Active X controls on the client's machine. Open "Internet Explorer." Select "Tools" and "Internet Options" in the upper right-hand corner. A dialogue box will appear. Click on the "Security" tab. Go to "Custom level" and go to "download." Enable "Active X controls." Go to "Initialize" and enable "Script Active X Controls." Click on "Run" and select "prompt" for "Active X Controls." Then go to "Script" and select the prompt for "Active X Controls marked safe for scripting." Click "OK" and "Yes" and wait for the "Internet Options" screen again. Select "OK" and exit Internet Explorer. Enter the IP address you received in Step 3 into your Internet Explorer browser and click "Enter" or select "Go." This should bring you directly to the Client Browser login.

Enter your user name and password and click "Log-in." Select "Add User" from the menu on the left-hand side of the page if you are the administrator. Enter a user name, password and the user's role, either "User" or "Administrator," from the drop down. Create the administrator user's first.

Select "Edit User" on the left-hand side of the screen to modify an account. Click "Select" next to the user's name and edit the details. Click "Update" when you finish. Click on "Instrument" from the "Edit User" menu, and you can assign a specific instrument or computer to a specific user.

Select "Delete User" from the menu on the left if you want to eliminate a user. Click "Select" next to the user's name and then click "Yes" to delete him.

Add an instrument. Click "Add Instrument" or "Add Unit" from the menu on the left-hand side of the screen. Enter the "Remote name," "IP address," "Live Port" and "Port" information, and then click "Add." Click "Edit Instrument" or "Delete Instrument" to change or eliminate a system from your list.

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