How to Get 360 Waves With WaveBuilder

Updated April 17, 2017

WaveBuilder is a series of hair styling products specifically made to make the 360 waves hairstyle that is popular among African American males. In order to achieve the hairstyle, combing, using the WaveBuilder products and wrapping hair in a doorag must occur daily. The style may not take the first try, which is why WaveBuilder has an advanced set of products that are for coarser or more stubborn hair. Whether you use the regular or advanced WaveBuilder products, it may take several weeks for the style to literally take shape, so patience is needed. The style will last as long as you keep up the regimen.

Shampoo hair using the WaveBuilder Wash in Waves.

Apply WaveBuilder Brush In Waves liberally to your hair. Brush your hair beginning at the crown and moving forward. Start at the crown again and brush the rest of the hair back. The remaining hair on the sides of the head should be brushed with a diagonal motion towards the cheeks. Do each of these brushstrokes 50 times. This begins the training of your hair. Be sure to do this each morning until your hair begins to show the 360 waves. This could take several weeks.

Repeat the brushing regimen anytime during the day when you have time, even if you don't have enough time for 50 strokes. You can never brush too much when initially trying to train the waves.

Apply more Brush In Waves to your hair in the evening, just before bed. Do the same hair brushing regimen, taking care to do it properly. Put on a skull cap or doorag and wear it overnight. Repeat this each day until you begin to see the waves become more pronounced. In the morning, remove the doorag and repeat Steps 1 and 2.

Apply WaveBuilder Deep Wave or WaveBuilder Spin'n Waves to your hair as directed on the package once you begin to see the 360 waves develop. The Spin'nWaves is lighter than the Deep Wave, so you may have to try both before knowing which ones works best for you personally.

Continue brushing your hair in the same way and applying the products each night to maintain. You do not have to brush 50 times in each direction, but don't stop brushing altogether. Hair grows constantly, and the new growth needs the same training to adapt to the style.


To do this hairstyle, it is best to start off with either a razor line or Caesar haircut. If your hair is longer or not in one of these styles, visit the barber before getting started on the WaveBuilder routine. Make sure that you do not have any scalp conditions before you begin. Dry scalp or dandruff is not only unsightly, but it can impede upon your hair's ability to adapt to the 360 waves hairstyle. If you have a scalp condition, make sure that it is cleared up before beginning the program. To start, try a brush with a wooden base made of 50 per cent boar bristles and 50 per cent synthetic bristles. As you go along, you may find another combination of brush performs better for your particular scalp.


If after weeks of brushing you see minimal or no results, try using the WaveBuilder Wave-Tex product. This is a texturizer that helps change the consistency of your hair so that it can better adjust to the 360 waves program.

Things You'll Need

  • WaveBuilder Wash in Waves
  • WaveBuilder Brush in Waves
  • WaveBuilder Deep Waves
  • WaveBuilder Spin'n Waves
  • WaveBuilder Wave-Tex
  • Hand brush
  • Doorag or skullcap
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