How to Troubleshoot a Canon IP3500

Updated February 21, 2017

The Canon Pixma IP3500 photo printer is designed to automatically produce high-quality print outs. This machine supports high resolutions, with up to 4800-by-1200 dots-per-inch (dpi) precision colour detail. Though it is an inkjet printer, it produces laser-like text on paper. When you are developing digital photos, the Pixma IP3500 can produce 4-by-6 prints in about 47 seconds. It also has an Auto-Image Fix feature that corrects unwanted characteristics in photos. The Canon printer automatically handles many advanced aspects of photo and document printing. However, when the machine has mechanical or supply problems it needs manual intervention to help it remain operational and autonomous.

Check the Power Cord Connector to make sure it is secure on the printer if the machine does not start. Restart the computer that is attached to the printer to clear out leftover print jobs. Verify that the "Power" lamp light is green, indicating that the printer is ready for operation.

Examine the ink levels if the printer sounds and looks like its moving, but does not produce any ink on paper. Open the top cover to see if the ink lights blink or flash, and replace the ink cartridge if necessary. Perform the "Nozzle Pattern Check" test to look for uneven ink colours on the printout. Remedy the problem by running the "Print Head Deep Cleaning" utility.

Use better quality paper, such as photo paper, if the printer is repeatedly jamming or mis-feeding. Make sure the paper is loaded neatly and properly in the tray. Avoid overfilling and stuffing the paper in the tray.

Press the "Resume/Cancel" button to continue printing if the printer's alarm lamp flashes orange, eight times. This warning is about the built-in ink absorber that is used during print head cleanings. It is a vital part of the printer's maintenance and can become full over time. Contact Canon support as soon as possible for service. The website address is listed in the Resources section below.

Replace the ink tank with brand-name, high-quality ink if the alarm lamp flashes 14 times. This error means that a potentially generic, off-brand ink tank has been placed in the printer for use, but the machine cannot use the product. Though third-party ink tank refill systems are available, these products can damage the printer if not used properly.


Alternatively, use tools and utilities in the Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac OS X operating systems to troubleshoot problems with the Canon Pixma IP3500 printer. Website addresses for these are listed in the Resources section below.

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