How to Teach Kids to Do Hair

Updated April 17, 2017

The most important things to teach your children about hair care are washing and brushing. If your child has long hair, she will also need to learn about using hair conditioner and finding ways to put her hair back so it is out of her face when needed.

Using styling products on young, sensitive scalps is not recommended. The fewer chemicals you expose your children to, the better. Always use shampoos and conditioners that are meant for children or for those with sensitive skin.

Tell your child why you're washing and conditioning her hair, from a very early age, and tell her or show her that you wash your hair, too. Explain that you need to clean your hair and scalp regularly so that you look and feel your best, and so that dirt and oil don't build up.

Practice brushing techniques with your children. Use brushes that will not scratch their delicate skin or tear their hair, and if they have long hair that tangles easily, start brushing at the ends of the hair to get the tangles out gradually, before brushing all the way from the roots down to the tips.

Let your child wash and brush her own hair, under your supervision, after you have done it with her enough times. Brush your own hair while she does hers, using this time to bond as well as teach good hair-care habits.

Purchase covered elastic bands, headbands, and clips if you have a child with long hair. Teach her how to put the accessories in her hair and practice with her until she can do it on her own. Try ponytails and other simple styles first, and tell her not to get frustrated if she doesn't get it right away. Headbands are an easy way to get hair out of the face without a lot of fussing.

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