How to make toga headwear

Updated November 21, 2016

The traditional headdress to wear with a toga is a laurel wreath, made from bay leaves. Laurel wreaths were first used by the ancient Greeks, but have become more closely associated with the Romans. A toga is a simple costume to make for a party, requiring only a bed sheet. Including a laurel wreath will not only make the costume more realistic, but will turn a basic outfit into something more impressive.

Shape a piece of strong garden wire around your head to get the basic shape and size. This can wither be circular or open at one end. Twist the two ends together if make a circular version.

Attach green tissue paper all the way around the wreath frame and secure with sticky tape. This is only necessary if the wire is shiny, but can be done anyway to make the wreath appear fuller.

Weave laurel branches around the wire and attach to the frame with sticky tape as required. Start at the back of the wreath so all the leaves point forward.

Fill in the gaps around the wreath with additional leaves, attaching them with sticky tape. Make sure all the leaves are facing in the same direction.


Laurel leaves are best, but any green foliage with smallish leaves will be fine.

Things You'll Need

  • Laurel leaves
  • Garden wire
  • Sticky tape
  • Green tissue paper
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