How to Repair Rubber Pants

Updated July 20, 2017

Rubber trousers aren't for everyone, but once you become a fan you can really get attached to them. This means a tear can cause heartbreak and then confusion on how to make repairs. Unlike cloth, you cannot sew rubber with needle and thread. Instead of taking it to the experts, you can repair your rubber trousers at home with a few specific supplies.

Lay trousers flat on a clean, dry surface that you don't mind getting slightly messy.

Pour as much adhesive as you think you will need into glass jar.

Thin adhesive with the thinner until the substance is the consistency of whole milk.

Apply thinner to a soft, lint-free rag, wipe down the surface of the trousers surrounding the tear and patch to clean. Don't be alarmed if the rubber expands, it will return to normal.

Tape the tear together with masking tape when texture of rubber has returned to normal. Tape the outside of the tear, as the patch should be attached on the inside.

Tape the back side of patch to make it easier to handle.

Cut the patch so that it is approximately 1/2 inch larger than the tear itself.

Using the brush, apply adhesive to the patch and the surface around the tear.

Allow the adhesive to dry. The rubber may again bubble and expand, but will return to normal.

Lay the patch, adhesive side down and roll over with seam roller.

Lightly dust with talc, remove excess.

Allow to cure for 24 hours so that repair reaches full strength,


You might want to practice on scrap rubber before tackling your favourite outfit. Make sure that the patch you purchase matches your item of clothing.


Use chemicals in a well-ventilated area and observe all instructions.

Things You'll Need

  • Solvent-based adhesive
  • Solvent-based thinners
  • Glass jar
  • Soft, lint-free rag
  • Matching latex patch
  • ½ inch /12mm paintbrush
  • Wallpaper seam roller
  • Scissors
  • Good quality masking tape
  • Talc
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