How to Create a Furry Avatar

Updated April 17, 2017

Avatars enable you to show an element of your personality online, often allowing you to create an exaggerated version of yourself or a fantasy alter-ego from scratch. While there are many different types of popular avatar creators available, it's important to consider what specific theme and appearance you'd like to achieve with your virtual creation. Fortunately, if you're inspired to create a furry avatar for use online, it's not especially difficult to do so.

Navigate to an online furry creator. Depending on your avatar's gender, you may wish to use a creator which specialises in male or female; a popular choice is the "Furry Dollmaker" tool, which is available for both sexes.

Select hair and facial features of your avatar. This is done by dragging the features onto the desired section of the head, and experimenting with different combinations. The colour of the hair can be changed by selecting one of the colour-boxes in the top-right corner before placing the element onto your avatar.

Select clothes for your avatar. A wide selection of shirts, tops and jackets are available, along with gloves, shoes and trousers.

Choose ear and tail pieces for your avatar. Depending on the type of creature you intend to look like, these will vary between catlike and rabbit-like, among others.

Select accessories for your avatar. These include headsets, necklaces, hats and capes.

Press "Prt scr" on your keyboard when you've finished designing your avatar. This will take a screen capture.

Open Microsoft Paint. Select "Edit -- Paste" to insert the screen shot. With the "Select" tool, drag a square over your avatar, right-click and select "Crop".

Save your image onto your computer.

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