How to Install Frameless Glass With Sikaflex 296

Updated February 21, 2017

Sikaflex-296 is a waterproof polyurethane-based sealant and adhesive that is made by the Swiss-based multinational construction chemicals manufacturer Sika and sold throughout the world. Because of its strength and resistance to both water and pressure, Sikaflex-296 is ideal for installing frameless glass panes and windows that will be subjected to the elements. It is especially intended for marine use, and boating hobbyists use it to install frameless glass boat windows. You can use Sikapak-296 adhesive to mount frameless glass to metal surfaces such as cutouts in boat hulls or window mounting brackets.

Put on your rubber gloves and eye protection wear. Thoroughly clean the glass that you are installing with a pressure washer or an appropriate cleaning solvent such as methanol to remove any traces of oils or organic waste.

Saturate a lint-free paper towel with "Sika-Aktivator PRO" solution and gently wipe around the perimeter of the glass where you will be applying the adhesive. Quickly wipe it off with a second lint-free paper towel so that a thin coat remains.

Allow the glass to dry for 10 minutes and make sure to install it within two hours of when the solution dries.

Remove the front cap of your Unipac caulking gun and pull or push out the plunger. Insert the 567gr. Unipac ("sausage pack") of Sikaflex-296 into the hollow tube of your caulking gun. Open the package by cutting the top clip as close to its bottom as possible.

Replace the front cap of your caulking gun. Screw the provided end-cap nozzle firmly onto the barrel (fitting) on the front cap of your caulking gun. Push the plunger into the back of the tube as far as it goes without resistance.

Slowly move the caulking gun just above the glass as you maintain gentle pressure on the trigger so that you dispense a triangular bead of Sikaflex-296 where the glass needs to adhere to the mounting surface or wall.

Install the glass into the holding area or onto the bracket and quickly but carefully align it before the Sikaflex-296 sets.

Allow the glass four hours to set before you subject it to any movement. Allow a full week of curing time before you immerse the glass surface in water.

Use a plastic scraper tool to remove any excess adhesive around the edge of the glass and the holding wall or bracket.

Clean your tools with white spirit (paint thinner) or acetone as necessary.


Keep Sikaflex-296 and Sikaflex Aktivator Pro out of the reach of children and pets. Never use either product near a source of fire or sparks. Store both products in a cool, dry place. Dispose of leftover Sikaflex and solvents used for cleaning tools according to environmental regulations for your area.

Things You'll Need

  • Unipac caulking gun
  • Sika-Aktivator Pro bonding solution
  • White spirit or acetone
  • Rubber gloves
  • Goggles or eye shields
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