How to Transfer Files From a Laptop to an Android Device

Updated April 17, 2017

With the growing prominence of tablets, Google has released Android 3, which is designed for the larger screen of a tablet. As with all versions of the Android operating system, the primary way to connect a laptop to the device is through a USB cable. The connection process is the same, with minor wording variations in the pop-up windows, no matter which Android device you use.

Connect your laptop computer to the Android device with a USB cable. Android phones and some tablets use a micro-USB connector that you place in the USB port on the Android device. Connect the other end to an available USB port on your laptop.

Open the Notification panel on your Android device, usually at the top of your home screen. Tap "USB Connected." Touch "Turn On USB Storage" or "Mount USB Storage," depending on the device.

Open Windows Explorer, then double-click the removable drive associated with your device.

Drag and drop files from your laptop's hard drive to the Android. Create new folders on the device to organise your files.

Open the Notification panel when you are finished transferring files to your Android. Tap "Turn Off USB Storage," then touch "Turn Off USB Storage" in the pop-up window. Disconnect the Android from your computer.


Some applications, specifically those that require access to the microSD card or Android storage, will not work while you have the storage or memory card mounted as a drive on your computer. Download applications in the Android Market that let you connect from your computer to your Android Device through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Purchase a USB adaptor for Android tablets that do not have a built-in USB connection.

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