How to Make Bamboo Tent Poles

Updated November 21, 2016

Tent poles are typically supplied with a tent. Made of materials such as carbon fibre or aluminium, tent poles help hold the tent material upright. However, in situations when a quick or emergency shelter must be established, it becomes necessary to utilise the materials on hand for a tent pole. Bamboo is a versatile and useful natural material that is ideally suited for use as tent poles.

Measure the height of the bamboo that you will need to make a tent pole. Determine how tall the tent pole will need to be based on the amount of material available to make the tent and personal preference.

Cut the bamboo with a knife. Place the knife blade against the bamboo. Strike the back of the blade with a piece of wood, such as a section of tree limb.

Lay the bamboo on the ground. Remove small shoots and leaves from the bamboo with the knife.

Trim the base and tip of the bamboo tent pole with the knife. Remove any sharp or jagged pieces of bamboo.

Cut a notch on one side of the bamboo, 2 inches from the tip. Use the knife to form the notch that will be used to help hold small-diameter cord in place when setting up a tent.

Things You'll Need

  • Knife
  • Limb
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