How to Use Outlook With Android

Updated April 17, 2017

Android Smartphones use Google software applications such as Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Contacts. Sync these Google applications with the Android smartphone by using Google Calendar Sync and a free open-source program called GO Contact Sync. Once you have synced your calendar and contacts, simply open them on the Android to see these applications updated. Both syncing programs can be set to sync at any time interval.

Open a Web browser. Go to the Google Calendar Sync website (see Resources). Click on the Google Calendar Sync link to download. Click "Save File" to save it to your computer.

Follow the installation instructions. Click "I Agree" on the license agreement page. Click "Install" to install. Google Calendar Sync opens automatically.

Type your Gmail e-mail address and password. Click the radio button next to the syncing option you need.

Click "Save." Google Calendar Sync syncs Google Calendar with Microsoft Outlook.

Open a Web browser. Go to the GO Contact Sync website (see Resources). Click the "Download" link. Click "Save" to save the file to your computer.

Follow the steps of the Go Contact Sync Set-up Wizard. Click "I Agree" on the license page. Click "Next." Wait for the program to install.

Click "Start" and click "All Programs." Double-click "GO Contact Sync" to open the application.

Type your Gmail e-mail and password. Check the boxes next to "Merge Outlook Wins" and "Outlook to Google Only." Set the sync interval time.

Click "Sync." Your Outlook Contacts sync with Google Contacts.

Things You'll Need

  • Google Calendar Sync
  • GO Contact Sync
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