How to Get Free Credits on Dead Frontier

Updated March 23, 2017

"Dead Frontier" is massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMOG). Players in "Dead Frontier" role play as survivors of a post-apocalypse world full of crazed terror zombies. The player must navigate from one end of the city to the other while stock piling weapons to fight off the invading hordes of zombies. Player use game "credits" to purchase weapons. The following tips can be used by players to acquire free "Dead Frontier" game credits.

Log on to the Internet and go the Dead Frontier home page.

Click the "Play Now" button and start a new game. Log out from the game and go to the "Cheats Guru" Dead Frontier page.

Create a new account and log in again. Your new account will be created with 5000 free credits. You can create as many account as needed.

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