How to make a school bus birthday cake

Updated November 21, 2016

Design a school bus birthday cake for a new or soon-to-be kindergartener excited about his chance to ride the bus. Toddlers who like to play school may enjoy a school bus cake to tie in a school theme to their party. Even if you don't bake, you can build and customise the cake with the help of store-bought supplies. In fact, the child's guests can get involved in putting the finishing touches on the birthday cake as part of the party activities.

Spread a layer of frosting on the serving platter and then set one of the pound cakes on top to secure it. This cake will be become the bottom of the bus.

Remove a five-centimetre/two-inch slice from one end of the second cake. Apply frosting to the bottom and set it on top of the first cake. Line up the cakes on one end, leaving two inches open in the front to make the hood of the school bus. Leave the top section at a 90-degree angle, or slice it at a 45-degree angle to make a sloped front window.

Cover the entire cake with white frosting. Thin the frosting with a small amount of milk and then pour it over the cake to seal in crumbs. Let it dry for at least 15 minutes before proceeding.

Frost the top layer along its sides with another coat of white frosting, not thinned. This section will be the windows of the bus.

Tint white frosting with a few drops of yellow food colouring. Cover the rest of the cake with yellow frosting. Leave the front and side window area white.

Press white chocolate chips, with the tip down, into the centre of the mini chocolate doughnuts. Use a small amount of white frosting to hold them in place if needed. Place two doughnuts on each long side of the cake to make the bus tires.

Add details with black decorating gel. Outline the bus, doors and windows and write "School Bus" on it. Press white chocolate chips or gum drops into the frosting for headlights and use cinnamon candies for caution lights.

Decorate vanilla cookie wafers with frosting and candies to make faces. Cut gumdrops into small shapes for eyes, noses and mouths, or use decorating gel to add details. Press the finished cookie faces into the frosting along the side windows of the bus.

Things You'll Need

  • White frosting
  • 2 pound cakes, loaf shaped
  • Milk
  • Yellow food colouring
  • White chocolate chips
  • Mini chocolate-covered doughnuts
  • Black decorating gel
  • Gumdrops
  • Cinnamon candies
  • Round vanilla cookie wafers
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