How to do kick hack on roblox

Updated February 21, 2017

Roblox is a massively multiplayer online construction playground. Players get to build interactive worlds and games. Roblox offers four main ways to build and customise a place: the user interface, the natively featured models, the custom-made models published by other players for free use and the command line. The command line let's you type in code to execute at once, especially useful for the kick hack. The kick hack removes players from a game. Use this code as an admin of a game to force out mean-spirited or cheating players.

Open the Roblox builder.

Click on the tools icon to open the tools panel. Select the category pull-down menu from the tools panel. Choose the Robots or Zombies category. Select one of the models to place it in the world viewer. This action is just to test your kick hack.

Click on the model you chose to open the properties panel. Look in the properties panel for the Name property. Change the name of the model if it is not an easy name to type, like "Z0mbie827." Change it to something simple to remember.

Click the Command icon in the menu bar to open the Command line.

Type the following code into the Command Line: "" and change the "name" to whatever you named the model earlier.

Press enter. The model should be removed from the world viewer and the Workspace. Verify that this is true by clicking the View tab and the Explorer button. Double click on the Workspace folder in the explorer panel. If you don't see the model you placed earlier, it has been successfully removed.

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