How to Troubleshoot a Hypercom T4220

Updated February 21, 2017

Given the comfort with which consumers spend their cash using debit and credit cards instead of old-fashioned money, it is vital for most businesses to be equipped with electronic card reading machines that use a telephone line to communicate between the card and the bank to process the transaction. When everything is working correctly, this is a quick, convenient process; but when you suffer from issues such as paper malfunctions, problems with the telephone line or error messages, it can become a time consuming hassle.

Test the telephone line if you are receiving a busy tone or no tone at all. Pull the telephone line out of the "Line Port" jack at the back of the Hypercom, plug it into a normal telephone and listen to whether or not you get a dial tone

Plug the telephone line, if it is working, back into the "Line Port" jack until it audibly clicks into place. Visibly examine the cable for any splits or other damage that could be causing problems.

Unplug the telephone line from the wall if you are still having problems. Wait for 10 seconds and then plug it back into the wall and try to operate the Hypercom T4220 again.

Solve the problem of the printer not producing paper by pressing the "Function" key, then the "7" key followed by "1" and "Enter." This will confirm that the printer is enabled and allow the unit to print properly.

Consider that human error might be to blame. If the machine is coming up with an "Incorrect PIN" message or is declining the transaction, it could be due to the customer entering the wrong PIN number or the card being refused. Ask the customer to try again, ensuring that the account is solvent and the PIN is correct.

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