How to Roll a Steel Cone

Steel cones are used in several heavy industrial processes including mining. According to one manufacturer, a steel cone can be manufactured with a plate bending roll or slip roll machine. However, they are notoriously difficult to make, in comparison with a cylinder, on account of their more complex geometry. Further, joining the two edges of the cone can prove troublesome.

Adjust the machine's bending roll position on the drive side of the machine as needed to create the taper of cone you require.

Feed the pre-cut blank on one side of the machine.

Ensure the internal radius of the blank is in contact with the cone-rolling attachment. Be sure that the internal radius travels through the machine at a slower speed than the outer radius to ensure the familiar cone shape is formed correctly.

Observe the formation of the steel cone, followed by the automated welding process. Check the integrity of this carefully.

Solder the steel where it's too thin to weld.

Things You'll Need

  • Pre-cut cone blank
  • Rolling machine
  • Cone-rolling attachment
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