How to Color a Man's Gray Beard

Updated November 21, 2016

Some men choose to dye their beards when they begin to turn grey. Dying facial hair is not as simple as dying the hair on your head, especially if you want the results to appear natural. Dying your beard is a gradual process that requires dedication and maintenance. However with the right care, men can achieve convincing and attractive results.

Shave your beard. If you dye a long beard all at once, the change will appear unnatural.

Allow new hair to grow for about one week. The dye will be able to cling to and colour hairs of this length without creating a dramatic or obvious change.

Choose a brand of hair dye. Some companies make dye for both beards and the hair on your head, however you can use either product to dye your beard.

Choose a shade. Since most beards naturally have many different colours combined, pick a shade lighter than your natural hair colour so that darker undertones are still present once you have dyed your beard.

Perform a patch test with the product. Apply a small patch to your ankle or wrist and leave the dye in place for the amount of time designated on the carton. Wash it off and wait for 24 hours to ensure that irritation does not occur before proceeding.

Put on an old T-shirt and apply the product to your beard. Follow the instructions provided with your specific brand, as each product differs. Try not to get dye on the skin, especially outside the area of the beard.

Wait the amount of time specified on the container for the dye to work, then wash the excess out with shampoo. Use a shampoo for colour-treated hair at every wash to prevent fading for the duration of time that you colour your beard.

Dye your beard again each time you notice returning grey. The regularity with which you will need to repeat the process depends on the speed and thickness with which your hair grows. Men with thinner beards will need to dye less often. You can grow your beard to any length you wish, building on earlier dye sessions as the hair grows longer.


If you are dying your beard a dark colour, you may notice some staining of the skin in the bearded area during early applications when your beard is thin. This colour should wash away from your skin after washing your face with soap several times.

Things You'll Need

  • Razor
  • Hair or beard dying kit
  • Old T-shirt
  • Shampoo for colour-treated hair
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