How to make an enemy on roblox

Updated February 21, 2017

Roblox is a massively multiplayer online construction game. Players design interactive worlds and games for others to enjoy. The game offers pre-built building elements as well as a wealth of models and units that other players have made available to the community. Because of this treasure trove, making an enemy in Roblox is simple: You don't have to start from scratch. Instead, you can customise enemy units that are already free to edit on Roblox. Expect the whole process to take under 10 minutes, depending on the complexity of the enemy.

Open the Roblox builder.

Click on the tools icon to open the tools panel.

Click on the categories section of the tools panel. Select either Robots, Zombies or Free Models. Robots has robot enemies you can use; Zombies has zombies you can use; and Free Models has an ever-expanding catalogue of monsters and villains you can use.

Select the thumbnail of the model you want to use from whichever category you chose, Robots, Zombies, or Free Models. This action places the model into the world viewer.

Select the Insert tab and choose Explorer to open the Explorer panel. Double-click on the Workspace folder in the explorer panel. Double-click on the name of the model you chose. This reveals all of the linked objects attached to the model, including Head, Torso, Arm, Script, and more.

Double-click on any object that has a plus sign next to it. This indicates there's a script attached to the object. Double-click on the script to open the Script Editor. Change anything about the script to customise the model. For example, zombie models usually have a script called Deadly attached to the Arm object. The Deadly script determines how much damage the zombie does. Change the "x" in the equation "human.Health = human.Health - x" to however much you want the damage to be.

Click on the model in the world viewer. This action should open the properties panel below the Explorer panel. Change any property you want to for your model, including it's health, walking rate, colour and position on screen.


Change the mesh type for each object of the enemy model you are editing to turn the model into a monster. For example, change the Leg object mesh to a head to give the model two heads! Add a regeneration script to the model to make the model return from the dead over and over.


Changing Scripts on Roblox can break models. Test your changes before you publish your game to the Roblox community. Test by pressing the Test tab at the menu bar.

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